Selling American-Made products has never been more popular… or profitable

There are many ways to show love of country. You might serve your country in the armed forces, put a flag decal next to the truck nutz on your pick up, or drunkenly scare the hell out of your dog with fireworks on the 4th of July.

Alternatively, some people buy American products as their way of saying, “America, F#*k yeah!” President Biden is jumping on this bandwagon of bravely and patriotically spending money in America by signing an executive order to increase government spending on goods manufactured in the US. This will grow jobs in the top cities for manufacturing and probably grow the industry in other areas.

Many private label sellers will turn to companies like Maker’s Row as an alternative to Alibaba or DHGate to source mass-produced products right here in the US. This company connects US-based manufacturers with commercial customers (brands and retailers etc.) This is a great resource for anyone following the lead of our government to make stuff here in the states.

But will Americans sign their John Hancock on this new act of patriotism? In theory, yes. 78% of Americans would rather buy products made here, and 60% of that number said that they would pay up to 10% more just for that made in the USA guarantee. (Over 25% said that they would pay 20% more. Hey, big spender.)

President Biden has also been slow to alter or remove tariffs on Chinese goods. With Chinese labor costs increasing 15% to 20% in comparison to a USA 1.6% annual increase, it might make a lot of financial sense to begin looking for US suppliers now.

Even Amazon is pledging their allegiance to the flag with their “Made in America Store.” Here you can find all kinds of products that were made right here in the birthplace of Lincoln, Oprah, and Hulk Hogan.

If you are still on the fence about sourcing and/or selling products that are made in America, A. What other war-crimes have you committed? B. You can read all about the benefits of American made products here.

So check your labels, (really, double check…) And God Bless America.

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Anne Krane

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