An increasing number of Amazon sellers are diversifying their sales channels by integrating with Shopify. Should you join them?

Amazon’s days of wine and roses are far from over (as evidence, I have my Kindle and a nice glass of oaky chardonnay next to me). But despite record profits, thousands of sellers are decreasing their platform risk by hawking their goods all omnichannel-like.

And why shouldn’t they? To wit, every Amazon seller knows about:

  • Listing (or god forbid entire storefront) suspensions
  • Lack of brand control
  • Outreach limitations
  • Crushing competition

Despite the highly-touted “war” between Amazon and Shopify/Walmart, it actually makes a lot of sense to, as my grandfather used to tell me and my brother, “stop all that fussin’ and kickin’ about” and integrate your Amazon account with Shopify.

You can fulfill Shopify orders via your FBA inventory, spitting in the face of the Pepsi vs. Coke challenge and boldly exclaiming “Who gives a shit? I’m an adult, just put some whiskey in it, I’ll tip on the card.”

Shopify is one of the top 3 leading ecommerce solutions and innovations – meaning it’s time for you to get in on the action! Through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, sellers can sell to a much larger market – meaning more of that sweet, sweet profit!

By integrating Shopify into your already existing FBA, you can take advantage of benefits you already have (storage, packaging, shipping, etc.) while adding a few more:

  • Put your brand front and center.
  • Be in charge of the customer experience (and communication).
  • Decrease platform risk.

If Shopify and Amazon were to fight, you could just pick a side…but why not sell peanuts during the main event instead?

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